Welcome to Aequitas Law Group

Our law firm specializes in protecting the rights of employees and consumers.

Our mission is twofold: (1) to ensure that hard-working employees are properly and accurately compensated for the time they spend working for their employers; and (2) to protect consumers against companies that engage in fraud or unfair business practices.

Many companies conduct business in a fair and honest fashion.  Unfortunately, however, there are many that do not.  When such companies violate your rights, those companies often know that individual employees and consumers generally will not be motivated to file lawsuits to seek relief.  Class action is the ideal mechanism to seek justice in these situations.

We know and recognize that everyone’s legal rights are important, however small the amount in controversy may be.  Thus, in addition to class action cases, we also accept a small number of worthy individual cases because we know that some deserving person may not be able to retain competent counsel otherwise.

We have the experience, staff, and financial resources to take on companies of any size.  Many of our lawsuits have settled for millions of dollars, but more importantly, our lawsuits have forced the offending companies to change its policies and practices.  We care and want to see your rights vindicated.

Please contact us to discuss various ways we can be of assistance in your situation.